Double-sided Tapes


ATP offers a wide spectrum of different adhesive tapes. The double-sided tape represents a special expertise; here we offer you numerous variations: double-sided tapes with asymmetrical lamination strength, with reinforced or non-woven carriers and double-sided transfer adhesive tapes (tape without a carrier) belong to our assortment of goods.

Double-sided tapes with asymmetrical coating weight are advantageous when gluing variable substrate surfaces. For example, substrates with smooth surfaces require a less thick layer than substrates with rough surfaces or in the case of foam open-celled surfaces.

Depending on in which application area the double-sided tape is applied to, we recommend suitable adhesives, carrier materials and liners. Our product range includes a wide variety of adhesive tapes with the most diverse characteristics, in which we develop customised adhesives for customers coming from different branches. Demands range from adhesives without carrier, adhesives with specific reactions to temperature influences (heat-resistant tape, flame retardant tape) all the way to special requirements concerning adhesion (especially high adhesive strength and high shear strength).

Here you can have a look into the development of a customised tape.

See our standard range of double-sided tape products in the following pdf:

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