Reduzierung der Emissionen im Automobil-Innenraum

ATP ist ein führender europäischer Hersteller von Klebebändern hoher Qualität, welcher sich in der Automobilindustrie auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung von lösemittelfreien, selbstklebenden und thermisch aktivierbaren Klebebandlösungen spezialisiert hat. ATP stellt eine Reihe neuer emissionsarmer Klebesystemen vor, welche in folgenden Automobilinnenanwendungen Verwendung finden:

  • Geräuschdämmung und Isolation
  • Abdichtung
  • Elektronische Sensoren und Bauteile
  • Dekorative Innenraumauskleidungen
  • Türinnenverkleidungen
  • Dachverkleidungen

Derek Bamborough – Entwicklungsleiter von ATP - erklärte, dass das Ziel der neuen Entwicklung die Kreation eines breiten Spektrums von klebenden Lösungen sei, mit geringen Emissionswerten gemäss VDA 278 und VDA 275. Nachstehend eine Auswahl dieser Produkte:

Derek Bamborough – Manager Application Technology and Development explained ‘that the target of the new development was to fulfil the widest spectrum of bonding performance whilst realising the lowest possible adhesive emissions according to VDA275, VDA 277 and VDA278. A selection of these products includes:

*Actual measured values according to a DBL approved, independent institute 

Segment Manager Foam Richard Simpson explained, ‘based on our bespoke adhesives we are able to offer our customers a choice of carrier, liner and tape dimension and where necessary, customise products to suit their individual requirements’. ATP has coating capability up to 2200mm in width and the versatility to produce a wide range of toll and custom coatings.

Typical substrates bonded by ATP’s adhesives include:

- Plastics including, ABS, PC, PP, PE, PVC.
- Metals, and painted and powder- coated substrates
- Textiles and fabrics
- Foam substrates including, PU, PE, PVC, PVC/Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene.

Furthermore ATP announced July 2014 a significant new investment of approx. €20 million for their production facility in Mihla / Buchenau, this investment includes the construction of a production and warehousing facility with a new 12’000m² building together with 860 m² office complex. The central focus point of the new factory will be the new 70 m long, state-of-the-art coating line with clean-air manufacturing allowing ATP to offer adhesive tapes with exceptionally high quality optical appearance. Managing Director Daniel Heini explained ‘the new production facility will create between 50-60 new jobs for highly trained staff, in addition ATP will continue offering training places for job-starters.’ Every year the company offers school leavers training places in various departments such as laboratory, engineering, warehouse, logistics and in sales and service.