Umwelt & Nachhaltigkeit

Our production processes are optimised to have the lowest possible environmental impact. We regularly monitor the level of environmental pollution caused by emissions and have a continuous improvement policy to try to reduce it. We ensure measures to improve environmental protection and to prevent environmental pollution.  ATP regularly evaluates the environmental impact of its company, particularly in the areas of production, supply and disposal, logistics, development and procurement. We define tangible, site-specific environmental objectives in our management system, establish effective measures for the protection of the environment and evaluate the status on an ongoing basis.

Our environment declatation ATP Alltape (German)

Our environment declatation ATP Graphics (German)

An integrated management system according to regulations (EG) Nr. 1221/2009 (EMAS) and EN ISO 14001:2015 helps to identify, develop and realise energy savings. Responsible energy resource management, plus an increasing use of renewable energy, results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which helps protect and preserve of our world for future generations.

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When developing new products or production processes, we take their environmental impact into account from the very beginning of the product. All the raw materials are carefully chosen to have less impact on the environment.

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